Demystifying Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is not just a tool for giving up smoking. It is a proven and ancient therapy that addresses habits, thoughts and behaviours in our subconscious to make real and effective changes to  our daily life.

Each session is an hour long with half of that time working together to identify the issues that need addressing and using various techniques such as NLP, CBT and Parts Therapy. Hypnosis is then used to embed the changes you want to make in your subconscious. You are awake and in control the whole time and will make positive changes if you are motivated to do so.

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How to book 

To book a Hypnotherapy session or gain further information on how Hypnotherapy can help you,

please call Gilly on 07980 803802



First Consultancy Session – Adult – £70 for 90 minutes
Hypnotherapy Session – Adult - £50 for 60 minutes