Anxiety: "an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or 

worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future"

Addressing your anxiety, stress and phobia issues can put you more in control of your life, helping you to cope better. Using various therapeutic techniques such as NLP, CBT, Parts Therapy and Hypnotherapy, you can learn to see things from a new, more positive perspective. 


The usual symptoms of anxiety include a racing heart, palpitations, dizziness, shaking,, sweating, reddening and legs going weak.  However when you understand why your body is reacting in this way it helps to normalize it and understand what is happening to you.  Anxiety can lead to panic attacks, phobias, fears, OCDs and unwanted behaviours. Once the anxiety is reduced then the symptoms can be resolved with strategies to change the way you think and feel.

You are not going mad and you are not alone, it is possible to overcome your anxieties and manage your thoughts. Most require between three and four sessions to really make a difference to their thoughts and behaviours.

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Habits, including Smoking, Drinking, Mindless Eating, OCD behaviours, Rituals and other habits that we have formed over time, can be broken and new behaviours put in their place. By changing your thoughts you can change these behaviours if you are motivated to do so.



We are only born with 2 fears, falling and loud noises. All other fears are learnt through experience and from those around us. Whilst some fear is good, to keep us safe and cautious to look after ourselves, when this becomes overwhelming when there is no real danger from the feared object or situation, that fear becomes irrational and starts a fear cycle and the more the object or situation is avoided, the more the mind things it is something to be fearful of. Through reframing, spinning, reprogramming and desensitisation techniques alongside hypnotherapy, these fears can be overcome.

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