Think about your weight?

Most people don't want to do this as they know they will have to face some unwanted truths, that they would rather let lie.

A comprehensive study in California, discovered that most people know when they were overweight and were trying, or thinking about trying, to do something about it. Often though the people on the study, started to diet to lose weight, or exercised more, but then lost their motivation and reverted back to the behaviours they felt more secure and comfortable with. Having tried and failed, this then resulted in them thinking there was no point in dieting as it didn't work for them and found reasons to justify continuing on their same path. Our mind naturally looks for reasons to explain our behaviours, and if we tell the mind enough, it starts to believe it.

When most people think about losing weight they think about a DIET which they associate with restricting the foods they love, going without, forcing themselves to go out running (which most people dislike) and basically being miserable, when really its much easier to carry on as they are. The key to losing weight though, is making changes that don't make you miserable but actually will make you feel happier both inside and out.

Firstly, look at your motivations to eat.

- When do you eat? A lot of people eat when they are bored, as a habit, when they are feeling emotional or when they haven't planned in enough food, so become too hungry and grab something easily at hand.

- Why do you eat? Most people have forgotten what feeling hungry is like, so think about why you are eating?

Secondly, look at your motivation to lose weight. Most people would answer 'to be Healthy' or 'to be Slim'. But what do you actually mean by healthy?

Thirdly, look at what you eat. You can graze and eat all day long if you are eating the right foods and most of us can conveniently overlook how bad something is for us, if it serves another purpose such as a reward.

Finally, look at what you do all day, and whatever you do, move more and find something your love to do and get out there and do it. Grab a friend and do something, no more excuses.

If you can start to see food as what your body needs rather than for the mind, you are on your way to a healthier relationship with food.

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