Ryder not so happy to Step On

Watching 100 years younger in 21 days, I saw the common traits in the celebs that many of us share, that we want to change some of our habits but struggle to do so. We have developed these habits over years, be it smoking, drinking, comfort eating or lack of exercise. A part of us wants to continue this habit, thinking it is bringing us happiness (even if just short term) and because that's the only behaviour we know. Most of the celebs found excuses as to why they couldn’t change, even though that is what they were there for. Even with the professionals talking sense, Shaun Ryder, still rebelled as if he was back at school being forced to do something, yet had gone there to make changes.

It shows how human nature keeps hold of our old habits even when we know they are bad for us, like a comfort blanket. We develop our habits over time and the more we do something the deeper the groove we are etching on our brain and this pathway becomes the norm. We may have started smoking or drinking for social reasons, or as an escape. The same with food. These habits are deep rooted and we have searched our minds for reasons that back up these habits, to ensure their continuance and justification.

All these habits and experiences are held in our subconscious and the pathways are well trodden, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed and challenged. If you replace these habits with new ones the brain can override these negative habits.

Hypnotherapy relaxes a person into a state where their subconscious is open to suggestion and new pathways and thoughts can be laid. It is a natural state and we go in and out of different trance states every day, such as when we are daydreaming or driving on automatic pilot. Repetition can then make these new habits and thoughts the route the mind takes and old pathways can become out of use. Just a couple of sessions of hypnosis can help people overcome their fears and barriers to the changes they want to make.

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