Celebrities using Hypnosis

Some of the best known celebrities have used hypnosis to help them with their personal problems, habits, fears, weight loss, behaviours and also to help them become more successful.

In this post I am going to reveal to you some of these celebs and what they have successfully used hypnosis for. You may be surprised!

Smoking and Drinking

Lets start with Smoking and Drinking, the more obvious ones we know people use hypnosis for but still difficult habits to break, even for the social smoker and drinker.

For the smokers, the addiction is embedded in the subconscious and the automatic cravings can be addressed using hypnosis. Many people can quit smoking after just one session and its not relying solely on willpower.

Here are just some of the celebs that have stopped smoking using hypnosis:

Adele, Samuel Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon ... and many more.

With alcohol, a lot of people are turning to hypnosis to either stop or cut down their alcohol intake. You don’t need to be an alcoholic, but if you want to change your relationship with alcohol, then hypnosis works. Aaron Eckhart, used it to kick his drinking habit.

Confidence and Performance Anxiety

Whilst most celebs spend their time on stage or in the limelight, most s

till have some anxiety and fear of performing in front of a crowd. Whilst some nerves before going on stage are normal, for some the negative thoughts can set off an anxiety spiral which can lead to their fear spinning out of control and actually stop them going on stage. Hypnosis can help the person regain control of their thoughts and enable them to remain calm and in control.

Some celebs that have used hypnosis for Performance Anxiety include:

Mel B (stage fright), Princess Diana (Public Speaking) and Bruce Willis (Stuttering).

Weight Loss

Many many celebrities have used Hypnosis for weight loss as it is more effective than dieting. Hypnosis can help people change their relationship with food and start to enjoy and want to eat good, healthy food in the right portions, without overeating or craving sugary snacks. Treats are allowed but enjoyed as Mindful eating comes into play and exercise can become more enjoyable and more motivation felt.

Here are a few that used hypnosis for weight loss

Sarah Ferguson, Lily Allen, Sophie Dahl and Geri Halliwell

Fears and Habits

Hypnosis can help with fears as it works directly with the subconscious, where we store all our information, experiences, routines and habits, as well as having influence over our thinking and control over how we respond in any situation. Hypnosis can provide alternative better ways of thinking and change the negative thought patterns and behaviours.

Fear of Flying: Tony Curtis

Fear of Spiders: Eva Mendes

Stop eating Chocolate: Orlando Bloom

Improving Performance

Hypnosis can help in many sports to improve confidence, focus and performance.

Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, Jimmy Conners

Many other uses of Hypnosis include:

Morning Sickness: Kate Middleton

Seasickness: Kevin Costner

Nightmares: Martha Stewart

Reese Witherspoon has used hypnosis to overcome her insecurities.

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