Tips to enjoy the festivities without piling on the pounds

It is the hardest time of year for those trying to lose weight. Temptation is everywhere and it is difficult to know how to avoid piling on the pounds with all the extra food and drink around.

It is the time to be sociable with work parties and friends and family getting together and most of these occasions involve food and drink. We associate the enjoyment of these and the big day itself with the food and drink that go with them. So how can we still enjoy the silly season without adding on the pounds that will be difficult to shift in the New Year?

One way is of course ‘moderation’, which makes me sound like a Bah Humbug. What I mean though is to enjoy yourself yes, but just be more mindful of what you are consuming. So go ahead and eat a mince pie, but then really enjoy it and leave it at that. Whatever you have just make sure you are aware of what you are eating and drinking and why you are. If you are eating or drinking just to be sociable, think about who are you trying to please. If you are eating to feed an emotion, try and recognise how you are feeling first. If you are eating or drinking because you just cannot resist Baileys at Christmas, then go ahead and have one, but do you need more to bring on that Christmassy feeling? Remind yourself about all the fun things about Christmas that isn’t just food and drink, and then your stocking may be the only thing stuffed at Christmas.

Here are a few tips to help you.

1 Put everything you eat onto a plate first, yes even every peanut and crisp

2 If you want a treat, have a small amount and really enjoy the taste, smell and texture

3 When you reach for the snacks, ask yourself what you really want, if you are filling a void, think what might better serve that purpose

4 Remember the saying ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’, say it to yourself before you are about to eat something you know you shouldn’t and ask if its worth it

5 If you have a day when you eat or drink a lot, or both, then just balance it by being kind to your body the next day

6 Always leave something on your plate. Sounds simple, but most people are brought up to finish their plate but you choose what you eat.

For more help on how you can change your relationship with food for long term weight loss, give me a call on 07980 803702

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