Panic Stations

It has been a really tough time for everyone over the last two years, but if you suffer from anxiety, this has been incredibly difficult. Just when we thought Covid was coming to an end, war broke out and the news is a continuous stream of doom and gloom. It is hard to look for the positives when everything around you feels so negative but there are ways through this. Here is a quick five step plan to reduce the panic feelings and gain control of your anxiety.

1) You are not alone - most people are feeling a heightened sense of anxiety and panic-like feelings. Reach out to people - friends, family, colleagues, therapists, doctors. Talking is good and if you find that hard, write down your feelings first.

2) Control - sometimes feelings of anxiety and panic are caused when we can't control the big things going on around us, so we need to try and accept that and look at the smaller things around us that we can control and change. Try and identify one thing in your life that you want to change and one step you make make towards that.

3) Habits - start to see your anxiety for what it is - a habit - rather than it defining you. It is something that we developed and something that can be changed.

4) Avoid avoidance - if we avoid situations that cause us to feel anxious we are telling ourselves that there is something to fear, which in turn increases the anxiety.

5) Thoughts - if your head is spinning out of control with negative thoughts then try and write down what the main thoughts are on pieces of paper and hold them up to the light and ask if they are accurate and helpful. If they are not throw them away, mentally and physically.

And finally be kind to yourself and find out what you want in life. By doing the things that make you happy, you will also make those around you happy.

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