The virtual gastric band is a safe alternative to surgery and proven to have better long term results.

Virtual Gastric Band

What is a Virtual Gastric Band?

With the use of suggestions in hypnosis it is possible to convince your sub-conscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted. This is called a virtual gastric band and your body responds as if one has been fitted and gives you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction after eating less than you normally would. Not only is this a much safer option and costs a lot less than the actual operation, it is more effective as it addresses the emotional issues and trigger behind the weight gain and changes these for long term weight management.

The psychological issues behind eating patterns and habits are addressed using a number of techniques including CBT, NLP and Part Therapy.

For the programme to work, the client must have the motivation and commitment to achieve their goal of weight loss and its long term management.

"I would highly recommend Gilly. The Gastric Band worked wonders for me and I lost quite a bit in a few weeks. And she also helped me with some other personal problems that were causing me to eat more." Sue

What will happen

Over a course of 6 sessions you will undergo the Virtual Gastric Band just as if you were undergoing the real fitting. Alongside the procedure you will receive nutritional advice and support for long term weight loss.

Following the fitting

You will not be able to eat the same amount of food as before and will need to eat smaller meals and more slowly. You will also have made some changes to your thinking about food which will result in healthier eating.


The cost of the course is £350 which includes the 6 sessions and support following the fitting.

To book

If you want some help with weight loss and want to discuss the best option for you, give me a call.