Hypnotherapy for Weight Management 

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not about dieting but changing your relationship with food for a much healthier lifestyle.

You may have lost weight with conscious effort in the past, but as soon as you stop dieting your subconscious took over again, which is a great deal stronger than your conscious mind.  You need permanent change in this part of your mind, for long term changes. 

Hypnotherapy can help you lose those extra pounds for good

There are many different reasons to lose weight, it may be you want to feel better about yourself or drop a dress size, you may want to lose weight for a special occasion or an operation, or to change your eating habits to be healthier.

If you are thinking about how to lose weight and need some support and change the way you think about food to help you achieve your target weight, hypnosis is a really effective weight management tool.

Often we unconsciously eat more than we wanted to, often out of habit or because we are feeling stressed or upset, and then we feel guilty and eat more as a result to make you feel better, and on goes the cycle. Hypnotherapy goes right to the reason behind your eating habits and then can help you to train your mind to change these and reprogram your mind with new associations to eating.

Hypnotherapy is not just hypnosis, it is a therapy that uses many techniques such as CBT and NLP to gain an understanding of the behaviours,  alongside nutritional support. It is a proven safe and effective weight management treatment that doesn’t involve dieting, rather a change in how you view food and the choices that you want to make when food is no longer as a relief for emotional issues. You will be able to manage your food cravings and choices and be more relaxed and less anxious around food, as well as advice on a long term healthy lifestyle and ongoing support.


How long will it take?

Just like one gym session will not make you fit, weight loss takes time, hypnosis is not a magical quick fix, but a long term change in the way you see food and the food choices you make.


This effective weight loss program takes up to 6 weeks and may then be followed by a couple of sessions over the next few months depending on your needs. Ongoing support will be given.

Virtual Gastric Band

This type of hypnosis will convince your sub-conscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted, so if successful, you will experience wanting to eat less, you will feel full more quickly and you will feel physically restricted on the quantity of food you can consume in one sitting. Find out more about the Virtual Gastric Band using Hypnotherapy on the VGB page.

How to book 

To book a Hypnotherapy session for Weight Management or to gain further information on how Hypnotherapy can help you to manage your weight,

please call Gilly on 07980 803802

email. gillysteer@yahoo.com


Consultancy Session – Adult – £70 for 90 minutes
Hypnotherapy Session – Adult £50 for 60 minutes